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The WORD of the Carpenter

Word of the Carpenter

The history of our business dates back to 1978 when Erwin Schröder founded it with a unique idea. It all began when Erwin was troubled by his late father's habit of unknowingly swearing, which he felt hurt the Christ child in him. To solve this problem, he designed a text, framed it, and hung it in a visible place, which his father read and never swore in his house again. This gave birth to Erwin's idea of making Bible verses on wooden plaques.

Erwin started making Bible verses on crosscuts of poplar with a Gothic alphabet in brass, which he burned onto the wooden plaques using a hydraulic press. His unique clocks and Bible plaques became famous worldwide, and many Christian homes have them on their walls for visitors to read. Uncle Erwin's mission was to spread the word of God through his unique creations.

In 2018, Rev. Erlo Stegen decided to continue Erwin's work (due to a long period of sickness) as "The Word of the Carpenter". Although the style and production methods have changed, the mission remains the same. We are proud to have the continued support of Mr Schröder and the Rev. Erlo Stegen, We give all glory to God for enabling us to continue spreading His word.

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